End User Declarations

End User Declarations, (EUD), are required for Controlled Substances and Scheduled Equipment. A comprehensive list for these items can be viewed at;
Substances are at Section 6 (p 43) and equipment at section 8B (p 59).

Extracted from the lists are the following products available through Silform;

Controlled Substances.

Calcium metal
Chromic acid
Chromium trioxide [Chromium (IV) oxide]
Potassium metal
Sodium metal

Scheduled Equipment.

Condensers for the distillation of gas
Distillation head
Splash head or stillhead
Distillation equipment including micro-distillation sets
Heating mantles
Reaction vessels/boiling flasks

Completion of Declaration.

A completed declaration by one or other means MUST be received before controlled goods can be supplied.