Assistance Offer for Disadvantaged Schools

Silform has developed an assistance program for schools that through funding shortfalls, are having difficulty or are unable to provide science courses where there exists a need. While this offer is available to all schools, it is envisaged that support will focus largely on smaller regional schools, others with low enrolments and school located in economically disadvantaged areas etc.

Silform is a relatively small, family owned company and does not have the resources to replace funding shortfalls of the various state governments in this Australia-wide program. Depending upon response, there may be a need to “ration” support resources among recipients.

Silform has developed guidelines to assess needs on a case by case basis with the overall aim of equipping participant schools to provide science training which would not otherwise been available. Names of applicant and participating schools together with information provided by those schools in the assessment phase, will remain confidential within Silform. If successful and financially manageable, the program will become ongoing with entry to, and participation in the program, subject to annual review.

If you believe your school may qualify for this assistance, you (or a nominated staff member) should contact Silform on telephone number 07 4126 3631 to be listed in the assessment phase of the program.

If you know a school which may benefit from this scheme you can download this form letter

by clicking This Link